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Alternatives to HRT (Synthetic Hormone Replacement)

Given the concerns of Synthetic HRT, (Hormone Replacement Therapy and the risks disclosed by a NIH, (National Institute of Health study and the follow up letter sent to the participants in Febuary of 2004, that concluded early on July 9, 2002 many women who are presently on HRT want to get off it. To do so requires a weaning off period. This will decrease the risk of rebound symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, insomnia and an overall sense of well being.

An appropriate method to stopping HRT is to simply gradually reduce the dose. This can be done over a three to six month period. To ease the transition, women might want to consider initially loading up with phytoestrogens such, specifically fermented soy that is organic and not GMO. Other phytoestrogens less well known such as (raw nuts, palm, sesame oil, figs, sproated beans and legumes) one month prior to the start of the weaning off HRT process. Isoflavones alone in sufficiently high doses can reduce hot flashes and night sweats. Therefore loading up on isoflavones reduces the breakthrough menopausal symptoms related to decreasing hormone levels. Isoflavones should be continually taken during the weaning off period and afterwards to maintain general well being. If you are going to use soy try using as much fermented soy as you can rather then nonfermented.

If you are on estrogen only or taking two separate prescriptions (one for estrogen, one for progestin), cut your estrogen prescription in half each month for one or two months. Then cut back to every other day for a month. Then cut back to twice a week for one month, and finally to once a week before you stop. As you decrease your estrogen, begin to increase your intake of natural estrogen substitues like soy isoflavones, black cohosh, or vitamin E to help cushion the estrogen withdrawl that will occur when you stop using prescription HRT. If you are taking a separate prescription for synthetic progestin and are on a two or three-week cycle with a rest period, you should finish your cycle with a rest period, you should finish your cycle then switch to the natural bioidentical progesterone. If you're on a continous program where you are taking progestin every day of the month, you can immediately substitue the progestin for natural bioidentical progesterone.

If your HRT prescription is a single pill combination of estrogen/progestin, cut your prescription dosage in half each month for one to two months. Then cut back to every other day for a month. Then cut back to twice a week for one month, and finally to once a week for a month before you stop. As you decrease your prescription, begin to increase your intake of phytoestrogens to help cushion the estrogen withdrawal that will occur when you stop using prescription HRT. Before you are completely weaned off your prescription you should add natural bioidentical progesterone to support your bone and cardiovascular health, sleep quality, and improve your mood. In actuality if you would be able to view the entry of progesterone into the cells of your body you would see it effects every cell in the body in a very positive way. Studies now show that being deficent in progesterone shortens the life of the one deficent. The time to add the progesterone will vary depending on how long you have been on synthetica hormones. The longer one is on a synthetic hormone the more likely the weaing period will be longer and the bioidentical progesterone would be introduced sooner rather than later.

If you have been on synthetica hormones longer than ten years you could need 6 months or longer to wean yourself off them comfortably. In this case you could begin to introduce bioidentical progesterone in the last 2-3 months.

Natural Alternatives for Menopause and Stopping Hrt 

Bioidentical Progesterone Cream with Phytoestrogens

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Menopause Formula (PhytoBalance)

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Recommended Herbs for Stopping Hrt

Menopause-Condition Treatments


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