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The Cons of Synthetic Hormones

It seemed the perfect match for us "women of a certain age" an easy-to-swallow pill that could soothe our menopausal symptoms, keep our bones strong, protect us from heart disease, and lower our risk of colon cancer. But alas, our love affair with menopausal hormone therapy (HT), which used to be called hormone replacement therapy, came to an abrupt end last summer when researchers leading the Women's Health Initiative(WHI)published their startling findings about the therapy.

The government-funded study found that Prempro, a combination of estrogen and progestin-and the most commonly prescribed hormone therapy for post menopausal women who haven't had a hysterectomy-didn't prevent heart disease after all in predominantly healthy postmenopausal women. In fact, women who took the pill had a small increase in heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots compared with women who took a placebo. In addition, Prempro slightly increased the risk of breast cancer, which was a major reason the study was stopped early.

In the end, the good news that HT really did appear to protect women against bone fractures and colon cancer wasn't enough to tip the scales. The WHI researchers concluded that the risks associated with this particular therapy outweighed the benefits.

Prior to the WHI, observational studies and clinical evidence suggested that taking HT did, in fact, protect women's hearts. That was no small thing, since heart disease has long been the number one killer of women.

So where does this leave you if you are currently using hormone therapy. Many believe that an all natural herbal approach can offer you safe, effective relief from your menopausal symptoms, PhytoBalance has been researched and used world-wide for over 20 years to treat menopausal symptoms naturally and safely.

We offer some suggestions on non-hormonal alternatives to Hormone Therapy.


    To cool hot flashes
  • Quit smoking, exercise daily, practice relaxation and deep breathing techniques, and avoid spicy fare, alcohol, and caffeine. This is a must if your serious about helping your body overcome these uncomfortable times. 

  • Get one or two daily servings of foods rich in fermented soy or Soy Isoflavones , lentels and lugumes also help the body by using these valuable plants you get symptom relief and other vital health benefits. Keep soy isoflavone intake in the 30-to 50-mg-a-day range, and don't exceed 100 mg.

  • Try Black Cohosh has been used for centries as a weak estrogen to help the body through cycle irregularities. Herbalists find it one of the most helpful for menopause symptoms especially when it comes to hot flashes and sweats. There is some controversy that surrounds the popular herb but one of the most thorough herbal inquiries in the world Germany's E commision  found that the herbal remedy a safe alternative to synthetic pharmacueticals.


  • How do i protect my heart
  • Monitor your blood pressure, a normal range is less than 130/85.   Lower than 120/80 is optimal, but just because you have marginally high blood pressure does not mean you need to take a dangerous drug. Statin drugs are potent drugs that inhibit the body from making cholesterol. Cholesterol is the building block of all the hormones needed for a healthy heart and an easy transition into menopause. Minimally check out other healthy options.

  • Monitor your cholesterol and triglycerides. Aim for these numbers: triglycerides, 100 to 150; HDL cholesterol, 45 or higher; LDL cholesterol, 130 or lower (less than 100 optimal for cardiovascular health, especially if you have diabetes); total cholesterol to HDL ratio, 4 or less. Diet and exercise almost always can get your numbers in this range.

  • Check your family history for heart disease, since it raises your risk. Your not a slave to you genetics so dont use it as a cop out.


  • Maintain a healthy weight. If you're overweight, losing just 5 to 10% of your bulk can make a big difference. Your body mass index, or BMI, should be less than 25.

  • Stop smoking. Within two years of quitting, your risk of heart disease is about the same as someone who has never smoked, assuming your other risk factors are similar.

  • Exercise, it will fight inflammation, a hidden cause of heart attacks even in people with normal cholesterol levels. Shoot for 30 to 60 minutes of moderate intensity activity such as walking, jogging, biking, or swimming 3 days a week. Make strength training part of your program; aim for 20 to 30 minutes, 2 or 3 days a week.

  • Think about taking a good Omega three oil. There are many of them plant and animal based oils work well at helping the body control the inflammatory cascade. Make sure you are taking an adaquate amount of minerals. Minerals work as buffers for the body to remain alkaline.

Natural Alternatives for Menopause

Bioidentical Progesterone Cream with Phytoestrogens

Contains bio identical  progesterone and phytoestrogens which work together to provide women more effective control of their menopausal symptoms. Bio identical progesterone has been used successfully over the last 30 years by women who were self determined to seek an alternative to pharmacuetical pressure to use synthetic hormone replacement, largely known as PREMARIN and PREMPRO. 

Menopause Formula (PhytoBalance)

PhytoBalance contains eight of the most  proven herbs that  eliminate hot flashes, sweats, mood swings, irritability and depression associated with endocrine disruption, perimenopause and menopause. Plants are made of the same make up as you and although you dont think of those plants as medicine they are as active chemically as any pharmacuetical with fewer side effects.

Recommended Herbs

Menopause-Condition Treatments


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