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An adequate amount of natural progesterone is crucial to women that are trying to become pregnant. Natural Progesterone actually prepares the uterine wall for implantation of the fertilized egg. Without sufficient progesterone the egg will be expelled.

Natural Progesterone treatment can also be used to induce fertility when there appears to be ovulatory dysfunction. A study was performed involving fifty women who had lived with infertility for a minimum of one-and-a-half years. Seventy percent of the women conceived within six months while exclusively using natural progesterone therapy. The group of women achieving successful pregnancy by this method is described below:

Five patients had a history of previous spontaneous abortions; all others had primary infertility. The range of ages was 18 to 39, with an average of 31. Their average period of infertility was 2.8 years in the 35 patients who conceived, and 2.7 years for the entire group.

From all the data it seems clear that natural progesterone therapy offers no risks to the patient and will be likely to benefit those wishing to conceive. Additional reports indicate that without natural progesterone treatment, women with luteal phase defect are at very high risk for spontaneous abortion. Natural Progesterone has been found to be important in maintaining a pregnancy during the early months.

Progesterone Overlooked

Thousands of women in the western world are now using natural progesterone, generally in the form of a non-prescription product that is applied to the skin. They are experiencing increased vitality, better skin tone, a renewed emotional balance, along with many other benefits. Unfortunately, natural progesterone has been almost totally overlooked by medical science while the erroneous focus has been placed heavily on estrogen. It is important in this modern day for us to have a clearer understanding of progesterone - the important natural hormone that it is.

Increasingly in the area of fertility therapy, health care professionals are concentrating on prescribing more natural substances for women. It would be wise to try to locate one in your area who will work with you and understand your needs when it comes to natural hormone replacement therapy.

Jerome Check, M.D., an infertility specialist and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Thomas Jefferson University and Hahnemann University, says that "too often physicians will treat the infertility problem with strong medication or even surgery without checking progesterone levels first... But for many women, natural progesterone therapy has been very effective in helping them to become pregnant and to carry the child to term. Only after this treatment is tried should more drastic procedures be considered."

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