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Doctor's testimonials

"I know of no other safe treatment that has stopped estrogen rage in my patients who are going through the hormonal changes of menopause. I feel safe recommending it to my patients."
R. Blaker, M.D.

"We need more alternatives in the hospitals and clinics. In the past, we have been limited to drugs that put women at risk for cancer because we have been told that HRT is the answer for Menopause. It levels off their hormones. We now know we have been lied to, and that prescribing hormones like HRT to women is harmful, life threatening. I no longer prescribe hormones to women who suffer from Menopause, I recommend your menopause herbal formulas!!"
T. Alberts, M.D.

"I can't understand why more Doctors don't try Natural alternatives instead of HRT. NO question, all women should try a natural herb supplement before considering any pharmaceutical based drug that includes hormones, that are Now known to cause horrific long term health concerns."
G. Stokes, M.D.

"At one time our diets contained many of the sources that helped control our hormonal swings. With the change in our food sources and diets we now seem to want to rely on chemicals derived from laboratories rather than naturally occurring sources. As a female practioner I feel that far less radical, and insane approach is to think about women who hundreds of years ago lived better lives when not taking HRT. I tell my patients to take something that works with the body encouraging it and supporting it, not over powering and artificially supplementing it which HRT is."
T. Groves, M.D.

"Whenever a women tells me she suffers from menstruation difficulties, I suggest she try a herbal formula for 3 months prior to trying any pharmaceutical drug, which almost certainly will have negative side effects."
S. Tannebaum, M.D.

"My patients are happy because I can recommend something for their PMS symptoms that are not a potential hazard to their well being. A colleague told me of Premenstrual Formula and I told my wife, and she immediately wanted me to obtain it for her. After 4 months my wife said I would do all women a great service to tell them about your Premenstrual Formula. So I did, and do. To my amazement it is more effective than any pharmaceutical drug I had prescribed.
J. Johnson, M.D.

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