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Women's Testimonials

"I think your products are great and are a big step in the right direction, but first my wife and I need to find a physician who can identify how much loss we have and then prescribe the dosages we require. Do you know of any such physicians in Honolulu, Hawaii or how we could find out about them? This has been very difficult. Most doctors still use the old-fashioned "main stream" medicine techniques, which should be banned. Some MDs have never heard of this type of replacement therapy. Amazing!!
R. Williams-Honolulu, HI

"After using your product for 3 weeks I wondered why I did not know about your product earlier. My life is so much different now, I have been using your herbal menopause formula for almost 5 months now and can say it has changed my life..."
Christy - Dallas, TX

"I have been searching for a product that would help to naturally ease my perimenopause systems. I came across your informative website and your natural menopause formula and decided to try it and I love it! I am a renewed woman. Thanks for all your help."
Stella - Minneapolis, MN

"I stumbled into your site and found your products that has made my life better. I ordered your herbal menopause formula I noticed an improvement in just two weeks, it has reduced my hot flashes, irritability and I feel better all over."
Thanks for the great product!"
Jessica - Nashville, TN

"I started using your herbal Premenstrual formula the first part of January 2003 as a resolution to start feeling better and not having to suffer from bloating and cramps another month! Why did i not try this wonderful product sooner? I saw an immediate improvement in my symptoms and most of all my mood, where I normally find myself irritable and cranky i feel so much better and happier. Thanks for sharing this wonderful product with me."
Janice - Madison, WI

"I have been using your herbal Premenstrual Formula for 2 months now. I have sufferd from PMS since I can remember. After 2 months my symptoms are greatly reduced I feel human and like a woman again."
Nicole - San Diego, CA

"I wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with your herbal Premenstrual Formula and the results it has given me. I've suffered from PMS all my life and have felt like crying with emotional outbursts every month but after a month of your herbal PMS formula I feel like I have a new me."
Lisa - Malibu, CA

"PMS sucks! Ever since I was 13 years old and I got my first period I've gotten so mad about the week before. My parents must have hated me at those times, but there seemed to be nothing I could do but go on birth control. I hate the risks and wanted to try something else. Your herbal Pms formula has worked for me. My bloating and anger have lessened a LOT!"
Jen - Long Island, NY

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