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Bladder Infections

Bacterial bladder infections are common when women are experiencing times of hormonal change, because menopause transition is associated with declining estrogen levels.

The sensitive vaginal & urethral tissue can lose elasticity and become thin because of estrogen deficiency (urogenital atrophy). This can lead to the common symptom of burning and irritation. This thinning effect and its effect on vaginal pH does increase the rate of frequent urinary tract infections in menopausal women.

Control C/P

Control C/P provides a unique pumpkin seed and Cernitin flower pollen combination to promote healthy urinary and bladder function.

In an clinical trial, postmenopausal women used a formula containing primarily lipid-free pumpkin seed extract for six weeks. The results suggest that lipid-free pumpkin seed extract helps to maintain healthy bladder and urinary health.


Dhea is a precursor to testesterone, both are necessary to maintain good urinary and pelvic muscles, when these muscles become weak it makes it easier to develop urinary infections.

Garlic-Natural Infection Fighter

Garlic is an natural antibiotic & immune system booster with the added benefit it does not destroy the bodies natural flora.

Natural Alternatives for Bladder Infections:
Urinary Tract & Bladder Infections
Garlic 100:1 Extract/odorless

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