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The body needs cholesterol for digesting dietary fats, making hormones, building cell walls, and other important processes. But too much of this circulating cholesterol can injure arteries, especially the coronary ones that supply the heart. This leads to accumulation of cholesterol-laden "plaque" in vessel linings, a condition called atherosclerosis. Garlic has been shown to reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Hawthorn Extract

Hawthorn improves blood and nutrient flow to the heart, maintains blood pressure, promotes cardiovascular health and provides antioxidant protection.

Poor Circulation-Varicose Veins

Horse Chestnut reduces inflammation and tones up vein walls, plugs up minute holes and microscopics leaks in the tiniest blood vessels, reforces the strength of veins which promotes elasticity and prevents swelling and improves overall circulation.


Garlic is a natural immune system booster, it also reduces cholesterol levels, supports the cardiovascular system & reduces hardening of the arteries.

Natural Alternatives for Cholesterol:
Hawthorn Extract
Poor Circulation-Varicose Veins
Cholesterol Reduction

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