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Migraine Prevention

Women who regularly suffer from migraine headaches only at premenstrual times, most likely experience these episodes due to estrogen dominance.

Migraine Prevention(Feverfew)

Studies suggest that feverfew reduces the severity, duration and frequency of migraine attacks along with accompanying symptoms of nausea and vomitting.

Butterbur (Petadolex)

Butterbur contains compounds that prevent blood vessel inflammation. By reducing this inflammation there is a reduction in frequency, duration and pain.

Progesterone Cream (Progensa 20)

In addition to opposing the excess estrogen associated with estrogen dominance, progesterone helps to restore normal vascular tone, counteracting the blood vessel dilation that causes the headache.

Organic Maca

Maca high density of vitamins,amino acids, sterols and broad spectrum of minerals helps to improve low energy levels, fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, memory rentention & diminshed sex drive.

Without minerals your bodies hormonal production is virtually brought to a stand still. With hormone production at a stand still, and the bodies need for these for normal functioning, a women shows signs of an inability to cope with everyday occurances. She may feel a lack of vitality and luster for life and even show signs of emotional and physical problems. Women who have taken maca have found recovery from chronic fatique, fibromyalgia,Pmdd, Pcos, menopause and various other health problems that pharmaceuticals have not helped.

Natural Alternatives for Migraine Prevention:
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Bioidentical Progesterone Cream
FeverFew-Migraine Prevention

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