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Bone Loss

Hormonal changes, especially a drop in estrogen levels, increase bone loss. When women go through menopause, their estrogen levels drop to one-third of what these levels were during the childbearing years. Even this much estrogen helps bones to hold onto some of their strength. But since there is more bone loss than bone rebuilding after menopause, most women lose at least some bone after their periods stop.

Many options exist for women who choose not to opt for the more dangerous effects of Fosamax the most popular of a class of drugs known as biophosphonates and others such as Activnol or Boniva cause similar troublesome health concerns. Some of these side effects caused by this class of drugs subside after discontinuing their usage and others require serious surgical intervention and life saving procedures. Listing just a few are osteonecrosis of the jaw or "dead jaw" and ulceration of the esophagus that can result in having no ability to have the joy of eating food. The individual that has a severe case of esophagus ulceration will have to have their meals through a tube inserted into the stomach.

Listed below are what you can do to halt bone loss and begin the body on a path to recovery.

Progesterone Cream w/ PhytoEstrogens

Contains both progesterone and phytoestrogens which work together to provide women more effective control of their menopausal symptoms and helps with bone loss.

Calcium-Magnesium Formula

Calcium Magnesium an excellent combination to help alleviate cramping, muscle spasms and helps to maintain good muscle tone. Magnesium increases the absorption of calcium into the bones.

Ultra Nutrient

UltraNutrient is an advanced performance, multi-nutrient supplement that provides exceptional broad-spectrum nutritional support. Utilizing some of the most highly recognized antioxidants, nutrients, botanicals and trace minerals, the building blocks for the bone matrix.

Natural Alternatives for Bone Loss:
Bioidentical progesterone with phytoestrogens
Ultra Nutrient
Bone-Muscle Health

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