Estroven Menopause Monitor

Estroven Menopause Monitor

Estroven Menopause Monitor
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Estroven Menopause Monitor®

Menstrual irregularity? Difficulty sleeping? Irritability? Is it menopause? Now you can take the mystery out of menopause with the Estroven Menopause Monitor.

Beginning as early as your thirties you may begin to experience these symptoms, and even hot flashes and night sweats, all of which may be caused by hormonal changes associated with perimenopause, the years leading up to menopause. An increase in the amount of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) produced in your body is a common indicator of the early stages of menopause.

The Estroven Menopause Monitor is a simple in-home test that detects elevated levels of FSH to help you identify your menopause stage and have an informed discussion with your health care professional about managing your symptoms. Take the Mystery Out of Menopause. Convenient - Simple urine test. Done in the privacy of your home. Accurate - 99% as accurate as tests done in laboratories.


The Estroven Menopause Monitor Easy-to-Use Home Test Kit contains everything you need to test your FSH level twice.

Because your FSH level fluctuates during your menstrual cycle, it is recommended that you perform the test a second time to confirm the results of the first test. The second test should be performed two weeks after taking the first test.


Notes and Precautions about the Estroven Menopause Monitor

  • Do not use the test sticks after the expiration date printed on foil pouches.

  • Keep the Estroven Menopause Monitor and its parts away from children.

  • Store kit at room temperature (60-82 F; 15-28 C).

  • Keep kit away from moisture, heat or direct sunlight.


  • 2 plastic test sticks, one in each protective foil pouch.

  • 2 plastic urine collection cups.

  • You will also need a watch or a timer when waiting for the test results.
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