Cholesterol Reduction

Cholesterol Reduction

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Garlic For Heart Health and Cholesterol Reduction

In the US, more than a million people die each year from cardiovascular illness. Most  are caused by an underling condition called atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. A diet rich in fat increases the serum cholesterol level which clogs the arteries by cutting down the supply of oxygen-rich blood to body tissues as well as to the heart. As a result a patient can be subjected to hypertension, angina pain, heart attack and stroke.

Garlic helps in thinning the blood which lowers cholesterol thus averting heart attacks. Research in garlic at the Geneva University indicated significant reduction in blood pressure by dilating or opening up the blood vessels thus relieving symptoms like chest pains, dizziness and headaches within a week or two after garlic treatment.

Modern medical science suggests one reason garlic might reduce cholesterol: garlic is a proven anti-oxidant. This property may help to prevent LDLs from being oxidized. In this way the cholesterol build-up that clogs the arteries can be reduced by garlic.

Garlic for Bacterial Infections

Garlic is effective against infections.  It has antibacterial, detoxifying and blood-purifying effects.  It increases resistance to invading pathogens and strengthens your immune system to prevent infections.

Garlic is a remedy For

  • Elevated Cholesterol
  • Depleted Sickness
  • Compromised/Deficient Immune System
  • Poor Blood
  • Poor Cardiovascular Health
  • Bladder Infections

Garlic What It Is; Why It Works

Garlic fights hardening of the arteries through its proven ability to lower cholesterol. It also has proven antibiotic properties and a mild anti-clotting effect on the blood.


  • 1 to 2 capsules twice daily.


  • If you are taking anti-clotting drugs or are preparing for surgery, check with your doctor before using Garlic.
  • Taking large quantities of Garlic may cause stomach problems, and will lead to bad breath and body odor.


  • garlic extract (bulb) (odorless)(100:1) 250 mg
  • providing scordinin (min.) (5.3 mg)
Additional Therapy:


Hawthorn improves blood and nutrient flow to the heart, maintains blood pressure, promotes cardiovascular health and provides antioxidant protection.

Poor Circulation

Horse Chestnut reduces inflammation and tones up vein walls, plugs up minute holes and microscopic leaks in the tiniest blood vessels, reinforces the strength of veins which promotes elasticity and prevents swelling and improves overall circulation.

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