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Studies show that we age because of the decline in naturally occurring hormones!  Hormones are chemical messengers that affect virtually every process that goes on in our body.  If we are low in a particular hormone, the endocrine system is negatively affected causing havoc with our immune, cardiovascular, detoxification, and gastrointestinal health. Bioidentical hormone replacement (or the way the body naturally produces hormones), are powerful tools in helping ward off diseases, symptoms of menopause, and slowing down the aging process for men and women. The most important hormones for balancing the body are:  DHEA, CORTISOL, GROWTH HORMONE, TESTOSTERONE, ESTROGEN & PROGESTERONE.

Along came Life-Flo with our many transdermal, bioidentical creams to restore the bodies balance!!!

Estriol – which has all the benefits of stronger estrogens (estradiol and estrone) but is SAFE!  Replacing this weak estrogen called estriol, can be very helpful in slowing down bone loss, healing vaginal atrophy, preventing urinary tract infections, improving bad cholesterol, relieving hot flashes and boosting the brain’s function.  Dr. John Lee termed Estriol “The Perfect Designer Estrogen” as it has been used in Western Europe for a very long time without negative side-effects. (Both males and females bath in a sea of estriol and progesterone during the important time of their development.) Estrogens are important for the structural proteins of collagen and elastin and studies in the late 1990’s showed that estriol applied as a skin cream reversed wrinkles and scarring. 

When using a transdermal micronized estriol cream a delivery system has a more effective response than if taken orally.  What we swallow goes to the first pass of the liver and much is destroyed by stomach acids.  Because estriol doesn’t clear from the body as quickly as other estrogens it should be used every other day for 2 weeks.  And should be used simultaneously with progesterone.













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